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Bring things into clear focus using promotional binoculars. If your company is sponsoring a sports team or an outdoor event handing out binoculars is a way to make sure everybody gets a good view of proceedings. with the modern focus on outdoor and wilderness activity, custom binoculars are a way to provide a lasting gift with genuine utility which has across the board appeal. 

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Marketing your business with branded binoculars

Promotional binoculars will help your business spread brand awareness at outdoor events. Put your custom logo on an item that clients will use for years. Outdoor events are very popular now and a good marketing strategy is to use promotional binoculars at these events. Binoculars are an accessory that find lots of use and remind customers of your brand. There are many options for a variety of budgets and corporate messages. Feel free to contact if you have questions about branding.

Targeting markets with custom binoculars

Many people love the outdoors. If this is your company’s target demographic, there is no better freebie than binoculars. Sport fans, bird watchers, or anyone who enjoys nature love them. Binoculars are merchandise that will travel great distances. Branding them with your logo will help spread brand awareness worldwide. 

There are many industries that use branded binoculars, including camping stores, sports, and outdoor businesses are all a perfect fit. Sport fans love to use merchandise to show support for their team and a pair of custom binoculars would be valued by these customers. This would give them a positive impression of your brand. Binoculars can be used to better see nature so great for people who enjoy the outdoors. When they travel on their adventures, they will spread your brand to new audiences.

Many options on binoculars

There are a variety of options for custom binoculars to meet all budget requirement. Manufactured in metal or plastic with strong lenses for seeing far and hand grips and eye pieces made from rubber for extra comfort. Nylon cords are useful for helping the keep the binoculars close. 

Extra features like radios or lights have many branding options. The corporate logo or messaging will go on the top of the binoculars. This helps your company’s branding always be seen. Pad printing is available for all branded binocular styles to add a single colour print. Laser engraving is possible for metal binoculars and executive options. This extra process makes a great gift to impress corporate clients.

Binoculars - a promotional case study

A company hosting their yearly summer picnic at a beach gifted employees branded pairs of binoculars to allow them to look out onto the water or take home with them to use at their leisure. Many recipients began using their binoculars right away, and these proved to be highly appreciated items by the end of the event. Employees grew excited over the birds and wildlife they were able to observe.


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